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Anonymous asked: The lengths Michelle's fans go through to back her up on her plastic surgery rumors is damaging my brain

Anonymous asked: If you had to pick the most fun girl band form kpop who would it be

Probably orange caramel. And nana is so pretty. OI OI OI XD

Anonymous asked: i always thought about being a "beauty guru" but the thing is that i dont really think i fit in with the beauty community i guess , they seem like theyre all in LA livin it up with hella friends buying make up and splurging on brandy mellville lol and im just a teen in ATL just chillin not knowin wtf to do lol but do u make any videos or had the thought to?

No I only do makeup. Sometimes I’ll upload a few non related makeuo videos but nothing like hauls, tags, or even stupid stuff

Anonymous asked: I never subscribed or watched Bethany mota but just reading her tags on here makes it seem like she's really annoying :


Anonymous asked: Do you have an accent

Yes ma’am I do. It slips out from time to time, depending on which word I’m pronouncing. Which is weird .__. Cause I’m Asian

Anonymous asked: Whoa I just went through your entire blog in one night! Hopefully you'll share us your channel soon. It's awesome you're from Georgia rather than typica LA! What is it like in ga ?

whoa xD that’s a lot to read through! Georgia not so bad except the bipolar weather =_= and I use to live in the ghettos until I moved in a better place. It was that bad LOL

Anonymous asked: please tell us your youtube channel! just saw your makeup, it looks amaaazing, I wanna watch your vids!! xx

haha when in good times ^_^ those are just pictures of the makeup i post. i have yet to do live tutorials on it 

makeup contouring {

makeup contouring

Anonymous asked: best and worst makeup youve ever done


only because i love purple ^_^


oh god this was two years ago when i first experienced with makeup. i didnt know how to blend and my mascara got all on my lower lids. terrible xD

Anonymous asked: have you ever posted anything other than makeup videos

yes my cat she was watching cartoon network (still a kitten like two years ago a year ago >_<) and someone commented my cat was on LSD for watching cartoon network and should be killed because everybody watches it is on drugs and i never deleted that comment nor the video.