Anonymous said: Do you know missremiashten's tumblr😁 it would mean a lot

i dont think she has one :)

Anonymous said: Sprinkleofglitter is a good plus size guru

MAC Diva or MAC Prince Noir? Which one is darker?

simomo17 said: What do you think of Ellsmakeup?

i dont know her since she is a bit new

americanpies said: To the anon that was asking for bigger beauty gurus!!!! Rachel Whitehurst aka icallitambrosia is literally my favorite youtuber and the reason i got into makeup back in 8th grade!!! she's super funny and genuine (she never does sponsored videos) although she swears a lot and hasnt been very consistent with videos lately but her old ones are all up and still good!! (she just moved to seattle so like obviously its hard to do videos and move across country lol)

Anonymous said: LoeyLane & ImFashionablyLate are good plus size gurus

Anonymous said: I'm a bigger person and I was wonder who are some bigger beauty gurus out there? I need some inspiration for my body not. (Other than strawberryelectric48 and missremiashten)

anyone have recommendations?

theemmawatsonn said: It seems like this is just a shitty account that hates on Meg.


Bethany’s song is really good. But has she ever been in a relationship?

Anonymous said: Thoughts on Syntheticcdoll?

i watched one of her tutorials when i was browsing around. she’s alright in my book. but she sure do wear a lot of contacts