dresslikeabeautyguru said: If you have sensitive skin, don't use proactive, it burns the skin, at least it did for me, I have a friend who uses Clinique and it works of her, if your acne isn't bad I'd say clean and clear or the neutrogena foaming grapefruit line, I use both of those and they work well for me, but I don't have bad acne.

i used to use neutrogena grapfruit and it worked wonders on my back. as for proactiv, maybe i didn’t use it clearly but i guess it works for certain skin :/

When doing your editing and you’re doing voice over, do you stick to the script or free verse it?

Skin ID or Proactiv? Which ones better or any better brands?

thetessacarstairs said: I really like the bamboo set :) in the official store they only sell them in sets but in this site called maquillalia they sell them separately.

theres no such thing as too many brushes xD

Anonymous said: Just go to Amazon or Ebay and type makeup brushes and they have done really great ones! I got some from China for 2.99 free shipping and they look just like my Sigma ones but better! My sigma ones feel apart after 1 year. I will never purchase again!

wow thanks so much! I’ll look into it!

thetessacarstairs said: Zoeva has good brushes :) and also real techniques but I think the Zoeva ones are cheaper.

they look soooo pretty!! *___*

Every time I go on Sigma Beauty, I cringe at their brush prices. Anyone know any other cheaper alternative? I know Morphe Brushes probably have dupes of it but anywhere else?


Anonymous said: What do you think of Ciaoobelllaxo

im not subscribed to her but everytime i see her videos on my suggestions she’s got the biggest hair ever. she seems young and i dont subscribe to young channels¬†