Bought the 15th anniversary Sonia kashuk limited edition makeup brush. Very soft and great quality. $39 but worth it. Each brush feel comfortable to hold and the weight is not too heavy. Now I gotta wash them along with my dirty brushes too

Anonymous said: Can you please explain what's the difference between inverted triangle and a heart shaped face

Heart shaped faces have a rounded forehead with a widows peak- very common for this face shape .
Kourtney kardashian for instance

Inverted triangle is the same but the forehead is flat and and square with no widows peak.
Reese Witherspoon

Anonymous said: Do you think beauty gurus send nude photos

Omg. Please no.

laurborrador said: Thank you so much for your advice, it really helped! I was just wondering for the switching to water thing, did you really eliminate all other beverages? Like coffee and tea too?

You’re most welcome! I don’t drink coffee. I just hate the taste. Sometimes tea I drink green or ginger tea but not all the time.

laurborrador said: I suffer from some bad acne. It's really starting to affect my self esteem...I was thinking of seeing a dermatologist. I'm just afraid they are going to say "just use cetaphil and this prescription version of a drugstore cream" because I feel like that's what they always say. Have you had any experience with them/acne? Looking for any advice I can get....

Girl yes, I’ve tried everything.

I tried proactiv- It did not work. The only thing it did was ruin my towels. So goodbye waste of 50 bucks. I believe proactiv only works on CERTAIN skin. Not ALL skin types.

I then tried Olay total effects- It did work. It cleared my skin BUT it made my skin super hard because my skin was still young and because this product is for aged skin ish.

I did go to a dermatologist eventually and she prescribed me an acne medication (not accutane unless you have severe acne) called doxycycline mono and a gel called ziana. It did work and she made me buy a cleansing face cream called cera ve- it feels like putting in lotion, but all the product started to give me rashes and I stopped taking all of if completely. ๐Ÿ˜ช

So now I’m using Oxy acne cleansing pads for my face, back and chest (you can get this for four dollars at wal mart) and I use shiseido benefique for my morning and nighttime cleaning routine and their acne pureness gel. And I have to say it’s been keeping me under control. Occasionally a few acne here and there but not as much as it use to be.

And please, please, drink plenty of water. You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference it made to my skin when I switched to water completely- eliminating all beverages. Don’t touch your face- refrain from it- I know we have OCD of constantly touching our face but its only going to make it worse.

Also, don’t eat a lot of diary products- they contain growth hormones and inflammatory substances that clogs your pores which then cause acne

Ultimate bronzer cheat sheet {

Ultimate bronzer cheat sheet

Anonymous said: Urban decay all night setting spray 100%. Fix + is great but is a better refresher than setter tbh. I own both and use All Night for setting and Fix+ for after I put on my moisturizer and primer. I have also found the Elf Setting spray is just as good if not better than urban decay.

Thank you! I’ve been back and forth on these two and I keep going back to urban decay settin spray as well!๐Ÿ‘

Which ones better: mac fix plus or urban decay setting spray? For wedding occasions?

Anonymous said: Did you hear Bethany mota gonna be in dancing with the stars. Watch she's gonna win the competition cause of her pyscho fans

Oh hell no โœ‹

Anonymous said: Where are you from

The east coast. But I like California only because it’s cooler during the summer and lots of vietnamese people (not like the beauty youtubers though๐Ÿ‘Œ)